Many companies turn to us when they want profile products that provide positive added value and where they want to be involved in influencing content and print.
In our range there are several different products that work great for just that.

We have the classic First Aid pillow, different models of smaller First Aid kits, patches and patch kits, cabinets, drawers and portion bags in the form of sachets that can be filled with different liquids, you decide the pressure, size, liquid and if you want have with or without napkin.

You can get help with completing your profile product with most of it. For example, we have customers such as Volvo, Scania, Opel, Shell and Statoil as well as various insurance companies that order from us on an ongoing basis. selected for Reflective vest (with own print), gloves, flashlight, warning triangle, eye shower.


Together with us you can get your product pretty much exactly as you want. If it is a medical or chemical product, we help you with the labeling that must meet the set requirements.

New for this year is that you can also profile your own First Aid cabinet. It was presented for the first time at the Kista promotional fair and attracted many visitors to our booth.

Download: NEW! Profiled cabinet.pdf (228.2 kB)

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