Our business concept is to work for people’s safety by developing, manufacturing and marketing easy-to-use quality products in first aid, healthcare and hygiene to consumers, companies and organizations, primarily in the Nordic region.

Our Company history

Apotekarnas Chemical Laboratory AB AKLA AB, formed October 1, 1926.
As the main shareholder Bertil Larsson became in 1931 the company’s CEO.
This post he held until his death in 1968 when his daughter, Sigrid
Qvennerstedt succeeded him.

Today the company is run by Henrik and Eva Janmark (CEO) belonging to the third generation.

1928 - was an inportant year.

At this time factory-made medicine was less common. Doctors, dentists,
veterinary surgeons and pharmacists made their own medical products with their own prescriptions. Many of these products have probably been the basis for subsequent factory-made medicines.
In 1928 the well-known doctor, Lars
Flodquist, made a throat lozenge.
AKLA pastille was very succesful and provided the company with the means to continue the expansion.


In 1931 AKLA moved to Stockholm City Centre

AKLA moved 1931 to the property on Norrtullsgatan 41-43 in Stockholm where the factory was situated. The Company remain there until 1969. Since 1970 AKLA transferred its manufacturing from Stockholm to a new factory in Askersund, the Company is still specialized in developing,
manufacturing and marketing of products within First Aid and health care.

First Aid Bandage was created 1933.
It is now possible to see Mr. Larsson’s intentions in specializing in dressing materials.

1935 became the breakthrough year for field dressings for the National Defence as well as for a large number of government institutions.


1945 catalogue showed many empty price columns. the reason for this was naturally the lack of raw material.

1949 the range of Product consisted of more than 100 articles of which a quarter were dressingproducts. Bertil Larsson was among the first manufacturers to market cotton, plasters and wash swabs in small packages.


The development of dressing material continued.

After having consulted the National Board of Occupational Safety and Health and the Swedish Red Cross the range of dressing boxes was extended in the 1950. The Swedish Civil Defence League confirmed and approved AKLA’s First Aid box for anormal air-raid shelter.

As early as the beginning of the 1940 had AKLA already been manufacturing dressingmaterial to the Swedish Automobile Association. 1960 meant an increased specialization on the bandage article side. Now came a dressing box from AKLA for bus with content according to the then Swedish Medicines Agency’s announcement. In collaboration with the Rescue Corps, many cars were also equipped with first-aid material from AKLA.

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